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Lisa Smith Ceramic Sculpture

Cafe Pasqual's Gallery is proud to show the work of Lisa Smith!
Come see her creative and whimsical Garden Goddesses, Face Jars and Garden Devils and other delights in the Gallery.

Fish Cart On Wheels
16x5x4 inches

Lisa absolutely loves working with clay. Creating forms with a chunk of moist earth is a tangible way to touch the world, to make an offering. She builds each piece by hand, pinch-and-coil, watching the form take shape inch by inch. Inside each figure is a quiet empty space, the stillness within. It is her prayer the we each come to know the quiet magic dwelling within us which is the seed of a greater peace. This quality is like an angel, watching over the earth, blessing the sky, the animals and the trees. These are earthly angels, radiating warmth and embracing all that is, a reminder of the power of love. Her work helps us connect to the magic of the natural world and the sacred beauty of which we are a part.

Striped Garden Devil reverse
12x8x3 inches
web Lisa Smith Garden DevilDSCN8647
Striped Garden Goddess

web Lisa Smith Four Face Jars
Face Jars
various sizes 4x3.5-5.5x5 $55-$75

web Lisa Smith Garden DevilDSCN8663
Tree Spirit

web Lisa Smith Large Face Jar Stack  reverse
Face Jar Stack reverse

web Lisa Smith Face Jar Stack
Face Jar Stack front

web Lisa Smith Garden DevilDSCN8655
Tree Spirit reverse

web Lisa Smith Face Jar
Face Jar close up

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