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Michelle Goodman Ceramics and Mixed Media

The Gallery displays the work of Ceramic Artist Michelle Goodman

web MG glass pool
Glass Pool Soda Fire Stoneware
7x5x6 Contact Gallery for Pricing

Michelle Goodman's long art career has taken a sharp turn—indeed an upending—having come to ceramics from graphic design and painting. In her move to 3-D explorations with clay she use Raku, pit, soda, high and low firing techniques in her work.

Michelle Goodman's thrown, altered and hand built pieces often evoke biomorphic shapes that might juxtapose sprouting twigs and tubes emerging from smooth rounded domes inspired by hat makers’ wooden head shaped forms. Driven by the ancient and everyday, Goodman’s work takes the viewer thru a landscape of intrigue, with her command of surfaces and a wide range of dazzling and original engobes and glazes. Goodman's work bespeaks a mind and hand that are classically inclined, at once harmonic and sometimes unsettling. There is a surprising and elegant twist to every piece.

In her own words:
"I love to throw clay on a wheel and the meditative feel of centering. When the form is complete, I enjoy the surprise of seeing the finished piece. Nothing is for certain in ceramics. In whatever form the final firing takes, contingency is present. Copper may turn red or it may turn green. It is the elemental magic of fire. I am inspired by forms from ancient pottery and by everyday objects like old screwdriver handles and peppermills.
My style is ever evolving. I work with several different kinds of clay. Pit fire, Raku, soda fire, high and low fire are all of interest to me".
I was born in San Rafael California in 1952. I grew up in Reno Nevada. As a child drawing was my entertainment and my refuge from a chaotic childhood. When I was thirteen my art teacher arranged for me to take summer art classes at the University of Nevada. I took Life Drawing, Art History and Ceramics. In my Ceramics Class I threw cylinders and made small pinch pot sculptures. We took field trips to dig clay. As an adult, my art education has taken place primarily in relation to other artists who have acted as mentors or as sounding boards. They have looked at my work and responded in deep and practical ways. It is my good fortune that these exchanges have happened naturally over time.
I have lived in Santa Fe for 35 years. During that time I’ve been in group shows at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Charlotte Jackson Fine Arts, Axle Contemporary, Peters Projects and Rift Gallery in Rinconda. In the past I worked as a decorative painter and then as a graphic designer.
Until recently the class that I took as a teenager was my only exposure to clay, but I feel as if the work that I have done in other mediums is feeding into my present work and I have come home to clay.

Come check out the new work in the Gallery!!

web MG grid
Grid Wire Soda Fired Stoneware

web MG reliquary
Reliquary Wire High Fire Stoneware

web MG stack of discs
Stacked Discs Soda Fire Stoneware

web MG round terra sig
Terra Sig Round Pit Fired

web MG porcelain cups
Porcelain Bowls High Fire Stoneware

web MG shield
Shield Wire Soda Fire Stoneware

web MG multicolored
Multicolored Vase Soda Fired Stoneware

web MG endoskeleton
Endoskeleton Exoskeleton Casting Slip Low Fire

Soda Fired Porcelain