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Yolanda Rawlings

We are proud to represent Yolanda Rawlings, Local Santa Fe Micaceous Potter

Working with micaceous clay is calming and meditative. The process of physically connecting with the earth and being at the center of the intersection of earth, water, and fire gives me peace and a sense of place within the physical world. My perception is that in our modern world, it is far too easy to forget our bonds to Mother Earth, to simplicity and beauty, and to the sensual experience of cooking. With the creation and us e of these vessels, we have the opportunity to once again participate in and honor these and ancient ways.

i was fortunate enough to be introduced to technique, philosophy, and culture of the indigenous craft of micaceous clay pottery by two master potters: one is a Jicarilla Apache Medicine Man; the other is a Smithsonian Craft Show Award Winner.

From these initial experiences, I go forward with an attitude of discipline and respect for the spirit, craft, and artistic expression of this tradition. My own spirit continues to expand in the same connection our ancestors had with Mother Earth and our ancestors had with Mother Earth and I infuse my pots with this intention.

I create hand-built cooking vesselsand tableware wanting to share the beauty, magic, unique identity and sensual experience of each distinct pieces it exist in the juxtaposition of food, earth, and nourishment.

These vessels embody the spirit of ancient tradition in the here and now, carrying their own personality along with their historical lineage. My hope is that as you taste "The Land of Enchantment" in each dish you create in these pots, you harken back to your own connection with Mother Earth.

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