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Rick Phelps - Paper Mache Sculpture

A~muse Paper Hymnal Music
62x38x12 Contact Gallery for Pricing

Phelps portrait
Café Pasqual’s Gallery exhibits the work of paper mache sculpture artist Rick Phelps. Mr. Phelps’ sculpted up~cycled pieces employ everyday found paper, all of the restaurant's menus, and other recycled items. His subjects range from tiny delicate and beautiful hummingbirds, to a life sized reclined female A~muse, made entirely of hymnal music or gargantuan profusion of tea roses in a trophy vase, and everything in between! He makes Flying Pigs, Peaceful Elephants, Day of the Dead Skulls, Bison, Cigar boxes with gorgeous horse sculptures as well as Party Animal boxes, a Toucan Riding a Turtle, piñatas and much more. His exuberant work is at once humorous and thought-provoking.

In Ricks’ own words… “I once read that the Chinese word for “paper” is the root word for both “civilization” and “bureaucracy.” Our material culture is built at the expense of the lives of countless trees and by the exploitation of people, animals and the earth Herself. It hurts! The by-products of a system (any organic organization) are said to be indicative of the system’s health (ours has chronic issues).”

Recent shows include Donkey Gallery in Albuquerque, Salon Mar Graffe in Tesuque, and the Annual Recycle Arts Festival in Santa Fe. Currently, his works are displayed in Santa Fe at Todos Santos Chocolates and Confections, and Café Pasqual’s dining room and gallery.

Interesting Objects

web RP Hookah Smoking Caterpillar IMG
Alice in Wonderland Hookah Smoking Caterpillar
15x35x16 $850

web RP Trophy Vase with Tea Roses IMG
Trophy Vase with Three Dozen Tea Roses
29x46x29 $725

web RP Sister trees 54A0271
Sister Trees
44x35x33 $2495

web RP Hummingbird IMG
Flying Hummingbird
5.5x5.5 $115

web RP Mermaid and Baby IMG
Mermaid and Baby
11x39x7.5 $595

web2 RP Its About Time
Its About Time Glow in the Dark Column
Inspired by Gobeklitepe Stone Age temple in Turkey 15x84x13.5 $2900

web RP Pinata IMG
Estrella Pinata
size range 5x5 to 22x22 $30-$135

web RP Hero Stack Whirld 54A0276
Si Se Puede Comic Book Hero Stack
80x18x18 $2995

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