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Suzanne Vilmain ~ Textured "Basket" Large Vessel Series
Explorations in Cl

The Gallery displays the work of Ceramic Artist Suzanne Vilmain
web SV Matte Copper Basket large piece on black
Matte Copper Basket

Suzanne Vilmain’s long art career has taken a sharp turn-indeed an upending—having come to ceramics from graphic design, paper and print making and book arts. In her move to 3-D explorations with clay she uses Raku, pit, soda, high and low firing techniques in her pieces.

Suzanne Vilmain is spelunking her psyche using clay as her headlamp. Vilmain’s hand built large vessels, dice, pyramids, orbs, cubes, cones and boxes are stamped, pierced, pounded, folded, occasionally narrative and ever playful. Her ceramic work sometimes invokes a memory or nostalgia as in a brittle clay envelope with it's flap open and surface impressed with lacework. The viewer is invited back to a time when one received a private missive and expectantly drew it out from it's hiding place. Vilmain's work is 3-E: Exuberant, Evocative, and Experimental.

Suzanne's Artist Statement:
After years of making form through graphic design in the digital world, then finding my way in letterpress -setting type backwards, making artist’s books, making paper and marbling; I now find working in clay a space to act out my psyche, and then going with the clay {Being Here Now} and Going back to symbolic forms from Bauhaus to Surreal  all it’s waiting in between, glazing blindly and firing Raku style with trash can smoking and high probability of surprises!

Her work has evolved into a showing of all her favorite objects d’art and now many large experimental vessels. Come check out what is new in the Gallery!!

web SV Timing Belt large vessel on black
Timing Belt Black and Copper

web SV Gloss Black and Copper Drape on black
Gloss Black with Copper Drape

web SV Snake Charme black backgroundr
Snake Charmer Multicolored piece

web SV Copper Tray on black
Psychedelic Collander

web SV Copper Drape with Timing Belt on black
Copper Drape with timing belt design

web SV Mud Cloth large piece on black
Mud Cloth Large Vessel

web SV close up large pitcher IMG
Terra Sig Vase

web SV stack of black and white
Raku Stack of Black and White Crackle Glaze Orb, Enzo Bowls

web SV Striped collection
Cone 10 Tall Striped Vase with Glazed Teal interior Skycatcher Series Tulip Vase and Striped Cube boxes
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