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TOM FREUND Paintings and Woodwork

web TF Painting Aruba Gallery Artists020
Aruba Oil on Muslin on Wood
4.5x8.5 $125

web TF Blossoming2015
Blossoming Oil on Wood
8x 13.75 $175

web TF Painting Tutti Frutti Gallery Artists018
Tutti Frutti Oil on Wood
10x4.75 $125

web TF Carnival2015
Carnivale Oil on Wood
10x7 $125

web TF Woodwork close up Gallery Artists002
Handmade Wooden Stir Sticks, Spoons, Spreaders and Chopsticks $8-24

web TF Woodwork overall Gallery Artists001
Handmade Wooden Boxes, Trays, Bowl and Hair Sticks $6-40

webTF Smoke without Mirrors003
Smoke without Mirrors Oil on Muslin on Wood
9x7.25 $145

web TF Marigolds2015
Marigolds Oil on Muslin on Wood
9x12 $175

web TF Oblique2015
Oblique Oil on Wood
8x6 $120

web TF Bleu Garden2015
Bleu Garden Oil on Wood
7.5x8.5 $145

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