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Peach ~ Blueberry Pie with our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Marzipan Dark Chocolate Soufflé Torte

Turkish Figs with Marsala Cream, Toasted Almonds and a drizzle of Honey

Sliced Mango with Oaxacan Salsa

Strawberry Shortcake with a Cornmeal Biscuit and Chantilly Cream

Cantaloupe Melon Sorbet with a Chocolate Meringue Cookie

Fresh Mint Chip Ice Cream with our Ten Year Chocolate Sauce

Bowl of Fresh Lychee Nuts

Burnt Caramel Sea Salt Ice Cream with Almond Gem

Affogato ~ Espresso poured over our Coffee Ice Cream with Shaved Chocolate, Cocoa Nibs and Chantilly Cream

Shakes ~ Espresso with Our Coffee Ice Cream ∞ Gary's Vietnamese Avocado ∞
Double Chocolate Gelato ∞ Medjool Date ∞ Vanilla Bean ∞ Strawberry

An Assortment of Today's Cookies with Toasted Pecan Dark Chocolate Bark
with Cinnamon

Chef's Dessert Sampler of Today's Offerings
Small Medium Large

Pastry Chefs : Jesus Pereira and Felipe Larrazabal
We Proudly Use Askinosie Chocolate
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