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All That Glitters by Duane Anderson

All That Glitters by Duane Anderson

All That Glitters~ The Emergence of Native American Micaceous Art Pottery in Northern New Mexico by Duane Anderson
Foreword by Lonnie Vigil
(School Of American Research Press 1999)

Luminous golden and sparkling black pottery fashioned from mica-rich clays has been made by Pueblo and Jicarilla Apache Indians of the northern Rio Grande region for at least five hundred years. In this generously illustrated volume, anthropologist Duane Anderson presents the first comprehensive study of micaceous pottery in New Mexico and explores its current transition from traditional culinary ware to an exciting contemporary art form.
In 1994 the School for American Research held a Micaceous Pottery Convocation at which ten master micaceous potters met in Santa Fe to exchange ideas, opinions, and techniques. Anderson describes the artists' work and vividly presents-in the artists' own words-the give and take of the meetings. He also traces the history and prehistory of micaceous pottery making in the Southwest up to micaceous potters practicing in northern New Mexico today.

199 Pages. $27.50

All That Glitters $27.50

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