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Apricot ~ Blackberry Pie with our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Dark Chocolate Marzipan Cake (GF)

Meyer Lemon Meringue Tartlet

Oaxacan Mango with Citrus Lime Salsa

Watermelon Granita with an Almond Gem Cookie

Ricotta Chocolate Chip Pistachio Ice Cream with Cocoa Nibs
and Cashew Cardamom Cookie

Bowl of Lychee Nuts in Shell

Cantaloupe Sorbet with an Oatmeal Ginger Cookie

Affogato ~ Espresso poured over our Coffee Ice Cream with Shaved Chocolate, Cocoa Nibs and Chantilly Cream

Shakes ~ Espresso with Our Coffee Ice Cream ∞ Gary's Vietnamese Avocado ∞ Double Chocolate Gelato ∞ Medjool Date ∞ Vanilla Bean ∞ Strawberry

An Assortment of Today's Cookies with Toasted Pecan Dark Chocolate Bark with Cinnamon

Chef's Dessert Sampler of Today's Offerings
Small Medium Large

Pastry Chefs : Jesus Pereira and Felipe Larrazabal
We Proudly Use Askinosie Chocolate
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