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Pasqual's Provisions

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Starters/Snacks ~ By the 1/2Pint Pint Quart
Soup of the Day~ inquire 6. 11. 19.
Fig, Rosemary and Kalamata
Olive Tapenade 9. 18.

DIY Brie & Roasted Garlic ~
Two Salsas, Oven Roasted Head of Garlic, Imported French Brie, Tomatillo and Roasted
Tomato~Jalapeño Salsas (heat at home) 18.
All served with either a clutch of our Toasted Crostinis or
Bag of our Turkish Crick-Crack Crackers

The Cooked – By the Pint:
Black Beans 11.
Cilantro Rice 11.
Our Red Chile Sauce 14.
Our Green Chile Sauce 14.
Puebla Style Mole Sauce 18.
Roasted and Peeled Organic
Green Chile 11.

Taco Fillings by the Pint - Cooked Ready to Eat:
Beef Cheek Barbacoa 18.
Yucatan Organic Pulled Pork 18.
(Cochinita Pibil)
Pulled Organic Chicken, Light & Dark 18.
Guacamole Topped with Lime Slices 18.
I/2 Pint 9.
Carne Asada – Berbere Spice-Rubbed 18.
Grilled Veggies for Carne Asada Red Pepper /
  • Poblano / Red Onion / Whole Garlic 9.

The Raw – Ready to Cook - DIY:
Ruby Red Trout Filet 8oz. 11.
Mahi Mahi Filet 8oz. 14.
Carne Asada – Ready to Grill, Berbere Spice-Rubbed Pint 18.
Pastrami, Wood-Smoked, Sliced 1lb 21.
Bison Patty 8oz 9.
Bacon, Applewood-Smoked 2lb 21.
Organic Eggs, Dozen 7.
Organic Butter 1 lb 9.

Fresh Salsa: 1/2 Pint Pint
Rostizada – Tomato-Jalapeno 6. 12.
Tomatillo 6. 12.
Moroccan Cilantro-Ginger 7. 14.
Jalapeno-Sour Cream 6. 12.

Our Dried Green Chile Kit (with Recipe) 16.95
Our Dried Red Chile Kit (with Recipe) 16.95

Bread and Snacks:
French Bread (Boule) 8.
Green Chile Cornbread Loaf 16.
Super Seed Bread (GF) 4 1/2 pound Slice-able 24.
Half Loaf 12.
Organic Yellow Corn Tortillas 8ct (sliders) 4.
Turkish Toasted Seed 6oz - 36 Count 14.
Plantain Chips 6oz 18.
  • with Jalapeno Sour Cream Dip
Other Goodies:
Our Organic Chile Pecans 10oz 15.95
Linda's Granola 12oz 11.
5 Grain Cereal – Rye Flakes, 9.
  • (Barley flakes, Millet,
  • Amaranth, Teff )12oz
Dukkah – Egyptian Spice Blend 8oz 16.
Berbere – Spice Rub 12 0z 12.
Cafe Pasqual's Organic 16.75
House Blend Coffee 16oz

House Made Ice Creams by The Pint or 4oz. 18. / 4.50
  • Double Chocolate Gelato, Vanilla Bean, Toasted Piñon with Fleur de Sel Caramel,
  • Strawberry Mascarpone, Black Mission Fig and Cognac,
    • Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip, Italian Plum Sorbet, Cantaloupe Sorbet
Cakes: Special Orders 24 hrs in Advance
All Cakes:

Chocolate Killer Layer Cake
Blum's Coffee Crunch Layer Cake
KK's Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Ten Layer Caramelized Honey Cake
Lemon Curd Toasted Coconut 3 Layer Cake
Orange Cloud Layer Cake
Mocha, Dark and White Chocolate Mousse Cake (GF)
Italian Chocolate Budino (with Organic Olive Oil and Maldon Sea Salt on the side for garnish) (GF)
Greek Walnut Layer Cake with Brandy Buttercream Frosting (GF)
Dark Chocolate Midnight Cake (GF)
6" for $77.
8” for $99.
10” for $110.

Pies: 9" Pie Serves a Generous Eight
Apple - with Granny Smith and Fuji Apples, Double Crust
Pumpkin - David's Perfect Pumpkin Pie, Made with Organic Maple Syrup
Chocolate Pecan
Sour Cherry with Lattice Crust

  • Check Today's Desert Menu For Fresh Baked Options

    Cookies by the bakers dozen available:
    Mexican Wedding / Della's Walnut Fudge / Almond Jam Gem / Coconut Macaroon / French Caneles / Chocolate Walnut Meringue (GF) / Shape Shifter Lemon Poppy Seed with Icing / Oatmeal Ginger with Maldon Sea Salt / Hazlenut Praline Meringue

Thank you for not smoking
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